#5 – Møllehøj – Denmark

By Matthias / 28summits on 2014.03.09 In The 28Summits Challenge

Last week I reached the low point of my challenge … literally. While moving my things from Sweden back to Germany I passed Denmark and managed to pay Møllehøj a visit, with 170.86 m the highest point in continental Denmark. The Danes are very precise when it comes to the highest point as you can see by the use of decimal points. They have to be that precise as there are two more points close to Møllehøj that could count or have counted as the highest point. In case the Danes change their minds in the future, I just paid all of them a visit as they’re very close to each other.Mollehoj

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Ejer Bavnehøj

I started my journey by parking the rental car next to the visitors center of Ejer Bavnehøj. With 170.77 meters Ejer Bavnehøj was deemed Denmark’s highest point for a while as can be seen by the tower that was built on it and a stone marker for the highest natural point in Denmark.EjerBavnehoj2EjerBavnehoj1

Visitors can walk up the small tower and enjoy the view over a picturesque landscape. From the top of the tower one can also already see the actual highest point Møllehøj to the West as well as the cattle farm next to it.Mollehoj9

From the tower a small trail leads to Møllehøj and over another hill back to Ejer Bavnehøj.


From Ejer Bavnehøj the visitor should follow the trail that is marked by a red dot leading west towards the cattle farm.Mollehoj7

There is a small gate to navigate and then it is just a few meters to the top of Møllehøj. A while ago a mill stood on top of the hill and the millstone still marks the highest natural point of Denmark.Mollehoj4 Mollehoj5

If you are lucky the “highest cows in Denmark” accompany you on your journey along the red dotted trail that leads through pastures up another small hill.Mollehoj3 Mollehoj1

From there you can once again enjoy the view and start the journey back to Ejer Bavnehøj.

Yding Skovhøj

As you might have recognized I referred to Møllehøj as Denmark’s highest natural point. That is important as there is another hill that actually exceeds the height of Møllehøj by almost two meters. A five minute car ride west from Mollehoj one comes upon a Bronze Age burial mound named Yding Skovhøj that boasts a height of 172.66 m. However, without the man-made burial mound on top, the hill is only 170.77 meters high and the Danes do not count it as their highest point as it is not a natural hill.YdingSkovhoj1 YdingSkovhoj2

Even though those three hills do not pose an actual challenge, they provide the possibility for a nice stroll through the countryside in case you find yourself in the middle of Denmark. Except for the Baltic hills and the highest cliff on Malta, I am now through with the summits below 1,000 meters and am really looking forward to the summer and the chance to tackle some of the higher mountains on my list.

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