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My name is Matthias and welcome to my blog about my 28Summits Challenge.


I was born and raised in Southern Germany and grew up in the Black Forest area. I have been hiking in the surrounding areas and the nearby Alps basically since I was able to walk with both my father and grandfather being hiking enthusiasts. My passion for hiking and being in the outdoors grew stronger over the years and while I lived in Sweden I found a new playground to express it even further. A hike along Kungsleden in 2012 brought us close to Sweden’s highest peak Kebnekaise and I came up with the  idea for this 28Summits Challenge this blog is about.

If I am not in my hiking boots or somewhere in the outdoors I am working with media. I have been studying Media Economics in Stuttgart/Germany and Media Management in Stockholm. Naturally I consume all kinds of media ranging from classic movies, to discovering new indie music and especially watching TV series. I lost count of the number of TV series I follow a long time ago, but can always give good advice for people in need for a new series to watch.

My third passion and guilty pleasure is food. I love to cook and bake … and sadly for my figure also to eat. Trying out new recipes for me is a great way to discover new things and improve my skills for the next dinner with friends. Here are some examples of my experiments in the last months:Foodie_web

If you want to know more about me just drop me an email or follow me on Instagram where I regularly post pictures of my outdoor adventures and kitchen experiments.



About me

This blog is about my 28Summits Challenge with the goal of reaching the highest points of each member state of the European Union.


My name is Matthias, I am 28 years old. Growing up close to the Alps I have been hiking basically all my life. I love being outdoors and exploring the nature. When I am not doing this I am working in media management or follow up on my other passion of cooking and baking.

On this site I will share my experiences along the road to achieve the challenge I set myself. Furthermore, I will blog about my other hiking trips as well as media about the outdoors.

/ Matthias



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