Hiking around Stockholm: From Handen to Paradiset

By Matthias / 28summits on 2013.12.13 In Staying in shape

This week I finally had time on my hands and a chance to explore another gem of the great outdoors around Stockholm: Paradiset Nature Reserve. Even though I recently started my winter workout activities, it felt good to be back in the hiking boots and enjoy the sunny day outdoors. I once again set out on Sörmlandsleden, the hiking trail that I wrote about previously and of which the first sections stretch around the South of Stockholm. Throughout the hike I crossed four different nature reserves, among them Paradiset, the nature reserve that came recommended from different friends.Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_8

Rudan naturreservat

The fifth section of Sörmlandsleden starts close to the commuter train station Handen, that can easily be reached within half an hour from the city. On the early parts of the trail going through Rudan naturreservat I met some people walking their dogs or fishing in one of the lakes. One of the fishers even took his scooter into the reserve and makes this picture look more like a product shot than a nice view of the lake behind it:Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_1

Whereas Sörmlandsleden goes on narrow trails through the woods, the other ways through Rudan are broader and flat enough for strollers. If the trail is not going through the woods, you are crossing large picnic fields and even pass obstacle courses like this one:Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_2

It was a sunny day and quite warm, so there was sadly no more snow on the trails or in the woods. However, the retreating snow led to muddy trails and often sunk or flooded planks over bogs or small waterways.Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_4

It is easy to follow the Sörmlandsleden trail as there are usually enough markers on the trees (orange line around the tree) and arrows at important intersections that one could otherwise miss.Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_3

While walking through Rudan naturreservat one can often hear the sound of heavy machinery and when you get closer to the border of the reserve you also know why:Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_9

Close to the trail is a quarry and gravel pit that regularly uses explosives to loosen rocks and use heavy machines to work with it. When I passed there have not been any explosion and the trail goes further through the woods until one reaches the next nature reserve.

Skeppnan naturreservatSoermlandsleden to Paradiset_7

The next nature reserve the trail crosses is Skeppnan naturreservat. This nature reserve was created in 2011 to protect the wetlands around parts of the Öran lake. It is a quite small reserve and it just takes a few minutes to cross that part when sticking to the trail. However, it is still a really nice area with really great views of the lake and the wetlands. To my advantage parts of those wetlands have still been frozen and saved me from wet feet when following the planks through the wetlands:Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_11

After a few more minutes walk through the woods I arrived at the next nature reserve and at the small Svartsjön.

Svartsjön naturreservat

The nature reserve around the small Svartsjön (black lake) and half of the bigger Långsjön (long lake) was also created in 2011. Svartsjön lies around 80 meters above sea level and was seperated from the Ancylus Lake (a pre-state of the Baltic Sea) more than 9,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest lakes in Stockholm county. When I walked along the lakes the sun came out again, making this part of the trail even more enjoyable.Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_6

Paradiset naturreservat

Svartsjön shares a border with the final goal of my trail, the Paradiset naturreservat. The trail goes on through the woods and planks cover the wetland sections. Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_5

After a while the trail joins in with the local trails and round trips within Paradiset and after a few more kilometers I finally arrived at the Paradiset cabins. There are several cabins and a parking lot for visitors. Soermlandsleden to Paradiset_10

Visitors without a car can easily reach one of the nearby bus stations (Ådran and Bruket). I chose Ådran as there is a small hiking trail that leads to it, whereas to get to Bruket you have to follow mostly roads. I can recommend to check the bus timetable in advance as the busses to Huddinge just run every 90 minutes.

The section between Handen and Paradiset according to the Sörmlandsleden association is 13 km long. I did not take a GPS with me to measure my progress, but as it took me around three hours with minor detours and a lunch break at one of the lakes, the distance works out. I can really recommend this hike that takes one through different kinds of landscape, forests and along nice lakes. And how often can you say you crossed four nature reserves in one day? I will definitely go back as I have not seen enough of Paradiset yet and I really like the area. So hope to see you out there soon!

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  1. travelnorth wrote:

    It’s amazing how many nice nature reserves are lying around Stockholm. So nice to read about them, looks like you had a great day.

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