Hiking around Stockholm: Naturkompaniet Skattjakt 2013

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If you find yourself all geared up for a hiking adventure on the metro on a Friday night between people heading into the nightlife, you know something special is happening. In our case it was the Skattjakt organized by Naturkompaniet, a treasure hunt that is spread all over Sweden. We set out into the night yesterday to be among the lucky ones finding one of the 70 treasures spread throughout the Swedish outdoors.

The Swedish outdoor store Naturkompaniet organized this Skattjakt already several times before and I still regret that I did not hear about it before. The basic concept of the treasure hunt is that Naturkompaniet employees hide 70 water bottles with a gift voucher for 1,000 SEK and a few smaller pieces of equipment in outdoor areas all over Sweden. The locations of the bottles have been released yesterday evening at 19.00 and green pins on a map showed the positions and coordinates of the treasures. Here is a small teaser video that Naturkompaniet made, sadly just in Swedish:

Developing a strategy

Together with my hiking companion Eef, we started planning a good strategy for the treasure hunt. Considering the amount of people in Stockholm that like to go to the outdoors or running in the forests we expected a lot of competition around Stockholm. Our initial thought was to head to one of the bigger nature areas like Tyresta national park as we expected the treasures to be in more remote places around Stockholm, considering you would have all night to find them. However, by following that strategy we would end up being stuck there, as without a car we would have to rely on public transport which is quite limited in those areas. So we decided on a different approach and started in a more central position in Stockholm, in our case Gullmarsplan, a central hub for different kinds of public transport that can take you to several points in the South of Stockholm.

After we decided on this strategy it was time for getting our gear ready. According to the weather forecast it was supposed to be one of the coldest nights of the autumn so far, but at least the rain or snow forecast changed to a night of clear skies. We checked our headlamps, put new batteries in the GPS device and pulled out our hiking gear. I took this occasion to invest in a new fleece that I wanted to use as a second layer over my Icebreaker long sleeve and under my rain jacket. Because of the good reviews I read and a good price I decided upon the Marmot Norhiem Jacket. The jacket has handwarmer pockets, a Napoleon pocket and a comfortable hood. It kept me warm all night and I did not even need another jacket over it even though the temperature dropped to around 0°. With this gear pieces and some sandwiches and snacks for the long night, we set off into the night.Skattjakt_1

The hunt begins

We have been joined by a friend of Eef and arrived at Gullmarsplan shortly before 19.00. When the clock hit 19.00 we checked the website, that was sadly not responding for the first few minutes possibly because of to many requests to the website. After a few minutes however we could see the map and saw that the closest treasure is just a few kilometers south of our position in Skogskyrkogården, the Unesco Word Heritage Woodland Cemetery. We ran off to catch the next metro to the station next to the cemetery and on the way put the coordinates into the GPS. Once out of the train we started running to the cemetery and when suddenly another group of people came up running behind us with headlamps we started getting really excited and ran faster. After a few hundred meters it turned out it was just a group of runners that headed into another direction after all. After laughing about our supposed competition we went on in a fast pace along the trails heading towards the position on the GPS.

We got closer and after a while headed into the forest as the position of the treasure was further away from the trail. As we approached the position we could see a pair of headlamps going in a similar direction and picked up our pace. After a few more steps, we finally arrived at the position the GPS indicated and started searching.  We found ourselves in the middle of the forest and checked several potential hiding places. While we searched for the bottle with the treasure more and more people arrived at the scene and we got more anxious to find it. After a while Pepijn called us and he held the bottle in his hand. He found it in a whole under a fallen tree. Funnily enough I had checked the same hole before, but the bottle was hidden quite deep and Pepijn found it because he put his lamp into the hole looking even closer.Skattjakt_3

We reported our treasure in by sending a text message to the number that was written on the instructions inside the bottle. As there was another treasure just around a kilometer east, we started walking again. After climbing over a wall and navigating through the suburbs of Stockholm we got to the second position close to Bagarmossen. Several other groups already searched for the treasure as we got there. We checked the map on the website if the treasure was maybe already found.

After a treasure was reported in the green pin was supposed to turn red. However, the map still showed all the pins in Stockholm green, including the one we reported in. Because of this we expected the treasure has already been found by somebody else. However, we stayed in the area and checked all possible hiding places till we would know for sure that someone found it. Sadly our phones surrendered to the cold so we decided to head to a friends place to check the map on a computer. When we got there only one spot around Stockholm was still green. However, in the few minutes we spent there it also turn red and with the closest green pin being in Örebro we decided to call it a night.

To the victor go the spoils

While we have been on the hunt we did not have time or enough light to take picture. So the first thing we did at home was to take a group picture with our treasure:Skattjakt_2

Afterwards we looked at the things we actually got. Within the water bottle we found the gift voucher, a spork from Naturkompaniet, a pair of Aclima Warmwool Pulse Heaters,  a Brunton Bump solar charger and a Maglite Solitaire. We decided to split the treasures and had a nice evening thinking back at the nice treasure hunt while enjoying the leftover hot chocolate.

I can only recommend this fun activity to anyone who like to go outdoors. It was a lot of fun despite the technical problems that I hope will be fixed for the next time. So maybe see you in the woods for the next Skattjakt that is probably gonna be in the Spring of 2014.


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