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By Matthias / 28summits on 2013.10.14 In Staying in shape

The area around Stockholm is like a playground for people who like the outdoors and who still prefer to live in a big city. In the county of Stockholm one can find 270 nature reserves and two national parks, providing outdoor enthusiasts with enough opportunities to discover the wilderness around Sweden’s capital. Today I wanna put the spotlight one of my favorite hiking trails around Stockholm that crosses several nature reserves and one national park already within the first 50 kilometers: Sörmlandsleden.

With a total length of more than 1,000 kilometers Sörmlandsleden is one of the longest long-distance paths in Sweden. Around 100 sections take hikers through the wilderness of the Stockholm county as well as through and along the coast of Södermanland county. The first few sections around Stockholm can be easily accessed with the public transport system of Stockholm (SL) and therefore provide a good opportunity for day trips around the city. An overview of all sections of the trail can be seen on the following map by the Sörmlandsleden association:

Yesterday I set off once again on the first section of the Sörmlandsleden from Björkhagen to Skogshyddan. The first time I did this section was last winter when it was covered in snow. It was about time I visited one of my favorite trails around Stockholm again and take the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful autumn day. The trail starts right in front of the Markuskyrkan in Björkhagen heading into Nackareservatet, the nature reserve along the border between the municipalities of Stockholm and Nacka. Parts of the trail run alongside running routes originating from Hellasgården, another recreational area close to the city that I especially like for the opportunity to ice skate on the frozen lake in winter. Soermlandsleden4

According to the Sörmlandsleden association the section originating in Björkhagen is about 8 kilometers long (my GPS showed 10.6 at the end, but that includes some minor detours for nice shots of the autumn scenery). With this distance it provides an opportunity for a nice short hike and an ideal workout if you want to stay in shape for the next hiking season. I set off quite late in the day yesterday while the setting sun was already covering the trees in a wonderful orange glow.Soermlandsleden3

Especially on sunny autumn days like these it is wonderful to stroll through the forests that are just interrupted by the small lakes. Even though it just takes a bit to get to these areas it feels quite far out of the city. From the small hills along the trail one often gets a great view of the surrounding landscape.Soermlandsleden2

Towards the end of the section one passes by Strålsjön, a small lake on the outskirts of Älta. Last winter when we passed here we could actually walk over the lake and take a shortcut to the bus stop. Even though I could not take the shortcut this time, the lake provided me with a wonderful photo opportunity with the last rays of light.Soermlandsleden1

I can recommend this trail to anyone who wants to get out of the city without the need to take the car or train. The trail leads further around Stockholm including a great stretch through Tyresta national park. This section is also really nice with small waterfalls, walks along more nice lakes and through dense forests. I will cover Tyresta national park more extensively in a future post as it deserves more than this small side note, considering it is one of the nicest places around Stockholm.


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