Packing for the Alpine Boot Camp

By Matthias / 28summits on 2014.07.16 In Summit training Trip planning

It will only be two more days till I hit the road, pick up my hiking buddy and then we will finally take off into the Alps. The plan is to explore the mountains in Austria and parts of Slovenia, take another one of the 28Summits off the list and just generally enjoy the time in the mountains.

Right now I am stuck between backpacks and my stash of outdoor equipment in need to make the final cut and pack all the things I will need. As we will be travelling by car and mainly do day trips, there are no real limitations to packing weight and volume. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that my living room was turned into the base camp for our adventure.Packing-Alpine-Bootcamp
I will not manage to post a lot of things from the road or the mountain tops, but at least on the Instagram, I will post pictures once in a while. Hope you will all enjoy the summer and outdoors as much as I will do on my trip! See you in a few weeks. ;)

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