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Being home in the Black Forest for a few days not only gave me the opportunity for riding and walking through the wonderful forests. I also took the opportunity for some more serious hiking to stay fit for future summits. Together with my father I set off one morning and with our dog we headed towards the area around the Feldberg. With a height of 1,493 meters it is not only the highest mountain in my home state of Baden-Württemberg, but also the highest mountain in Germany outside of the Alps.

From Bärental to the Feldsee

While my father took a small detour with the car, I started the hike in Bärental. On 967 meters this village is home to the highest regular train station in Germany. I wanted to try a new route this day, but as I sadly could not find the right farm path to start on I decided to follow one of the traditional routes.Feldb1

The Westweg that I mentioned in one of my previous posts crosses this area and before hitting the Feldberg splits into two variants of which one leads over the mountain. After following this route for some kilometers up the mountain I could enjoy the unobstructed view of the Titisee as well as the first signs of the Feldberg summit like the radio tower that is situated on the summit.Feldb2

At the next crossing of hiking trails I left the Westweg to follow a local trail towards the Feldsee, a lake that was formed by glaciers in the last ice ages. The trail went down the mountain again where I crossed the state road 317 and entered the nature reserve around the Feldberg. After walking a while through forests on a quite broad road that is otherwise used for farm traffic and forestry I finally arrived at the Feldsee.Feldb5

The dog took a short swim and afterwards we started the ascent to the Seebucker Hütte, a small hut with café and ski lifts. The local authorities try to leave this area we walked through to itself trying to get back to a more natural forest. Therefore, the trails have been rougher and less maintained then the ones before, however, not less crowded on such a sunny day.

Getting to the summit a hut at a time

At the Seebucker Hütte I met up with my father and we started on the route around the Seebuck mountain towards the summit of the Feldberg. First we followed the trail that goes along one of the ski lifts in this area that in winter is popular among winter sports fans. Half way up to the Seebuck we left this trail to follow another trail that goes around this mountain while staying on the same height. Along the trail we enjoyed the view down to the Feldsee as well as the valleys that stretch along the mountain ridge. We left the trail for a small hiking trail along a small brook that leads straight up the mountain towards the Baldenweger Hütte another hut closer to the summit. After a short coffee break with a great apple pie and an amazing view we want on for the final stretch to the summit.Feldb7

A small trail through a pasture leads up the ridge between Seebuck and Feldberg from where you can already see the summit. However, because of the quite steep valley that stretches towards the Zastler Hütte the trail makes a small detour over the ridge.Feldb8

The final ascent to the summit through the pastures was really nice on this sunny day and even though there have been a lot of people in the area that day, we could enjoy the solitude on this final stretch. Except for the radio tower on the summit you can also find a weather station from the German Meteorological Service. On a sunny day like the one we had, the summit offers an amazing view towards all directions. In the West one can see the Vosges mountains, in the North other mountain ridges of the Northern Black Forest and the most amazing view lies towards the South with some of the highest peaks of the Alps. Such mountains like the Zugspitze or Säntis can be seen on a clear day.

Along the mountain to the Feldberger Hof

We left the summit towards the West down to the St. Wilhelmer Hütte yet another mountain hut along our route.Feldb10

There the route gets broader again and well maintained with gravel. From this hut we followed the trail towards South until we reached the Todtnauer Hütte from which we went Southeast towards our final destination, the Feldberger Hof. The trail along the mountain ridge stays on the same height and provides different panoramas into the adjacent valley and mountains in the Alps.Feldb11

After a few more kilometers we reached the area around the Feldberger Hof, the touristic center of the Feldberg. Most ski lifts are in this area as well as parking spaces, hotels, restaurants and a nature center (Haus der Natur only in German).

The route

In total I have been walking around 22.5 kilometers that day with a total ascent of around 1,000 meters. Because of the terrain and the well maintained trails this was not really tiring and rather enjoyable on such a sunny day where one could enjoy the view. There are several routes up and around the mountain, but this one provided the best mix of forest and meadows as well as panoramic views for me.MapRaw



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