Trip planning: 28Summits or what?

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My last hiking trips is now a few months back and the last points on the 28Summits list did not really pose a big challenge. So I find myself in between the seasons and am slowly getting restless for the next big adventure. “Winter is coming” and I am anxious to get out into nature again. To handle this anxiety I am digging up all the information I can find on the summits ahead and start planning my next adventure.

I love when winter is taking over the land, covering it with snow that mutes the cities noise and creates a nice glow even when the days get shorter. As I kid I loved to play in the snow, building snow igloos and most importantly skiing through the fresh snow. Growing up close to the Alps I started skiing early and on several family trips could explore the different ski areas in the Swiss and Austrian Alps. In all these winter activities something I have never done is a multi-day ski tour or a longer trip with snow shoes. This is something I want to change this winter season.

28Summits: 4 done, 24 to go

In the last months I managed to cross four highest points of the 28Summits list. Ben Nevis in the UK was the first and a really nice day hike. Buurgplatz, Signal de Botrange and Vaalserberg brought me to nice corners of the Benelux states, but did not really pose a challenge to get to the top. I did not set myself a number of mountains I want to ascent per year, because I want this challenge to be fun and not only about crossing summits of my list. Furthermore, if possible I want to spend as much time as possible in the area and experience a bit more of the countries I am gonna visit.

However, I am really eager to cross at least one more summit of the list before the end of the winter. There are two factors that limit my decision and planning process: the conditions at the mountains and of course once again money. When planning my trips I am looking at several sources with information on the summits such as websites with information on the mountains (e.g. SummitPost) as well as books (e.g. Europe’s High Points) and blogs (e.g. Andres Karu) of people who reached the summits before. A lot of the more challenging summits become even more challenging in the winter. With my limited experience in longer trips through snow and ice I do not wanna take on one of the big ones, but focus on the mountains that I can reach in the winter without the fear of avalanches or other risks.

Hiking in the North

To do a trip in winter I will need more gear like snow shoes or skis and especially a sleeping bag for winter conditions. To save money for these investments I want to skip on longer and expensive flights and will focus on the summits that are actually around the corner. Right now my planning focuses on the highest points of Sweden (Kebnekaise) and Finnland (Halti). Since missing out the chance to climb Kebnekaise last year, I feel like the mountain is mocking me, especially since it is only a night train ride away. The trip to Kebnekaise could be done in just a few days. The trip from Nikkaluokta to the Fjällstation will not even take a day and the summit can be done over the normal routes also in winter. I will still have to decide which route I would take as the eastern route promises a better view and walk over the glaciers, but it would also require a guide that knows about the area.

Something that however tempts me even more is a winter trip to Halti. The highest point of Finnland can be reached by hiking for several days from the village of Kilpisjärvi. There are huts along the usual route and so I could possibly take on this trip even without a tent. I am still not sure though if I want to do this trip with snow shoes or cross-country skis and if I should rent a pulka or just take my backpack. As you can see there is still a lot of planning involved, but I am eager to do at least one of these tours to cross another one of the 28Summits off the list.

When I am not using my time and budget to do the 28Summits I like to explore Sweden and Scandinavia more. High up on the list of potential travel destinations is Jämtland. I have only been to Östersund so far; last winter for the Biathlon world cup. But there is still so much to see and tales of wonderful landscapes draw me to go hiking in this region. So naturally one of the things I bought myself from our treasure that we found in Naturkompaniet’s Skattjakt was a map of Jämtlandsfjällen that I hopefully soon will use to navigate in this beautiful part of Sweden:Jaemtland_Map

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  1. If you like mountains, check out Helags, not so big but very special and different. And also close to Sylarna which is also a nice mountain peak =)

    • 28summits wrote:

      Great, thanks for the tip! Really looking forward to start exploring the landscape there.

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