Turning markers into adventures – One summit at a time

By Matthias / 28summits on 2014.05.09 In The 28Summits Challenge Trip planning

I am five summits down on my list and it has been a bit more than two months since I stood on top of the last one. After I moved back to Germany and started my new job I find myself on the opposite side of the paradox. As a student I had plenty of time for adventures, but insufficient funds to execute all of them. Now I find myself having more budget for adventures, but my vacation days are limited so I have to create my own microadventures in between the working life.

I read about the idea of microadventures in a blog post on National Geographic by Alastair Humphreys. His blog post pretty much describes my situation, but also how not to get stuck in it: “See the opportunities for adventures, not the constraints that get in the way.” So right now I am trying to figure out these opportunities to fit as many summits as possible in the vacation time and weekends I have. To stay motivated and show me what still lies ahead, I put a big map of Europe on my wall and marked the summits on my list. The green markers stand for the ones I already crossed off, the red ones are the ones that are left and the yellow ones are other mountains I really would like to climb such as Dufourspitze or Galdhøpiggen:28Summits_Map_1

My first microadventure will take me to Portugal. In the middle of June I will use a long weekend to fly to Porto and go for a trip to reach Torre, the highest point of the Serra da Estrela mountain range and of continental Portugal. One can actually reach the summit by car, but I am planning to turn it into a nice day hike with some more ascent.28Summits_Map_3

After this microadventure, I am planning a bigger adventure again by spending two weeks in the Alps this summer. The first week I will spend hiking with a friend, trying to get used to the height again by ascending summits between 2,000 and 3,000 meters. One of these summits will be Triglav, the highest point in Slovakia. The rest of the week we will spend in Austria taking in the beauty of this great mountain range. 28Summits_Map_2

After the first week I will proceed on my own to the region of the Hohe Tauern with its famous peak Großglockner, Austria’s highest peak. I will spend a week there on a training course in mountaineering in rock and ice. My actual plan for this summer was to cross off more summits in the region such as Zugspitze, Dinara or Großglockner. But I still need to improve my technique and learn more about securing yourself on the mountain, moving on glaciers and handling navigation and weather in the mountains. Therefore, I will use this week to learn and improve my skills. With the input from this training I will be able to reach the other summits on my list in a safer way and with more experience.

I am getting more and more excited for those trips while at the same time I am planning more microadventures. I will keep you guys posted and maybe meet you in the mountains!

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